7th Annual Superfood Garden Summit 2023 Launch

Superfood Garden summit
Save $ on Groceries … Grow Your Own Food

You are invited to a new health opportunity

How fresh is produce from your grocery store?

The secret to health & wellness

Homegrown food is the answer!

[Event] Homegrown health


Or maybe you are wanting to give your health a boost!


The true solution to saving money at the grocery store while also supporting your health right in your backyard… It’s gardening! 🧑‍🌾 


The cost of groceries has been steadily climbing, putting a strain on our wallets. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food prices rose 6.7% in the last year alone! But don’t worry, because gardening is here to save the day. 


By engaging in gardening, we can grow our own fresh produce and reduce our reliance on store-bought items. The best part? The cost of seeds, soil, and tools is minimal compared to the skyrocketing prices of fruits and vegetables. 


When you plant a garden, you aren’t just growing your own food. You’re planting seeds of hope.

That’s exactly why my good friends at Grow Your Own Vegetables are hosting the Superfood Garden Summit … so that health-conscious people like you can get MORE from a lifestyle of fresh food. 


From July 17th-21st, 15+ visionary growers will share with you their wisdom to supercharge your garden…and your health! When you have experts in your corner helping you make great garden choices, growing food becomes simple.

Here are just a few things you’ll discover in this online event:


🌱  Grow your own nutrient-dense superfoods effortlessly… anywhere, all year long!

☮️  Explore how your garden can promote inner peace and well-being

📝  Utilize innovative methods to grow food in limited space

🌎  Discover sustainable practices and planet-saving activities you can begin doing NOW

💩  Uncover the principles of permaculture to enhance your gardening journey

💦  Learn a game-changing approach to watering your garden

🍽️  Experience culinary delights by incorporating fresh herbs from your garden

🐝  Discover how your garden can support and nourish local pollinators

🧑‍🌾  Unlock the secrets of growing superfoods … including ginger and turmeric


>> Click here to claim your spot at the FREE online Superfood Garden Summit (←embed your customized link)


The Superfood Garden Summit is an interactive event happening from July 17-21. Step-by-step, you’ll discover how to get more nutrients from your homegrown superfoods!

agine food SO FRESH that you can TASTE the vitality in every morsel. 🤤


And your superfood garden doesn’t have to die out when the weather changes! The experts at this Summit will teach you how to stretch the boundaries of your growing season so that you ALWAYS have fresh, organic superfoods.


>> Reserve your spot to this totally FREE, global online event here 


Whether you’ve never planted a seed, think you have a brown thumb, or you’ve been growing for years… the Summit presenters will walk you through their best secrets for growing at every level. You’ll know exactly what to do next to enjoy supercharged health right at your fingertips!


This event is good for you, good for your community, and good for the planet. 😀🤝🌏 


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