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We were sent an email from a lawyer in Israel taken from a prominent natural medicine site

Apparently they also, question the official narrative as we have been doing on these pages.

  • Corona Virus – Part VI

    How many people actually died from corona?
    Who has an interest in inflating the numbers and why is he doing it?

    By Dr. Gil Yosef Shachar (MD)

    Important clarification :
    This article, or any of the other Corona articles on this site, should not be construed as a recommendation not to follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health .
    But even though the guidelines of the Ministry of Health should be followed , in the State of Israel (still ) is allowed to bring data and facts in scientific articles and valves health officials and dignitaries such as the WHO  (World Health organization), and one may even wonder aloud whether government decisions beneficial or harmful.
    especially (still) allowed to think logically.
    Take advantage of it as long as it is not. it is not Of course,

    in the previous article on the corona virusWe have shown that according to a random test in New York, the number of patients in Corona is probably at least 8 times higher and perhaps much higher than reported by the US government.
    According to sample surveys of the population conducted in Israel and published in the media, the actual number of patients is probably at least 10 times From the reported number.

    This figure has appeared in several media, but its true meaning, no media bothered to state (was it because they did not think about it? Or intentionally? Do not know).

    This data means that if the number of patients is 10 times greater, After all mortality sources and percentage of severe cases of all patients in Corona, 10 times less compared to the figures reported to us!

    In a previous article, too, I played six different elements causes that the mortality rate and the percentage of severe cases of all patients reported to us, probably very far from the true reality.

    as mentioned, we saw the number of hospitalCorona is probably very different from the reporter (on orders of magnitude that literally change the whole picture).
    In this article we will see if the true death toll from Corona is different from the reporter.

    This article reveals facts that raise concerns and concerns about the dangerous dimensional inflating goals of the corona virus, far beyond its true impact.

    You should not believe me.
    You can see things for yourself from the original documents (further down the page).

    The World Health Organization ( WHO) website has a guideline document that is hard to believe exists.
    The document details how the cause of death during the corona virus outbreak should be defined in the death certificate. 

    Everything you are about to read in this article is true.
    The link to the original World Health Organization document is at the bottom of this article.

    Already at the beginning of the document, in the general definition of how a corona death is defined, it is written as follows:
    ” Corona death should be recorded as the cause of death in any case death from a corona proven disease , or it is likely to be corona [although there is no corona positive laboratory test]
    and only in cases where there is an unequivocal alternative cause the death was not corona (such as falling from a building roof or car accident). “Only in such a case should Corona not be registered as the cause of death.”

    [The square brackets in this article are my addition to clarifying the scripture]

    Yes, yes, you read that right.
    Even if there is no proof that the person who died was a corona, if in the eyes of the doctor there is a likelihood that it is a corona, then the death certificate must be listed – corona as the cause of death.
    To mention, there is a huge variety of viral and bacterial diseases, which kill a lot of people every year and their clinical manifestation is often very similar to corona. For example, bacterial pneumonia, influenza and more.

    Even non-viral or bacterial diseases, such as chronic lung diseases and more, often have, as part of the course of the disease and especially in the end towards death, difficulty breathing, which also happens to be one of the clinical signs of corona.
    That is, by this definition, except for very obvious cases such as a fall from a roof, a car accident, or an unequivocal heart attack, almost any death in the hospital can be recorded, like a coronary death!

    The following line reads :
    ” A corona death should not be attributed to another human disease, such as cancer, even if it is suspected that the person’s underlying disease has caused severe corona disease .”

    The practical significance of this sentence is one:
    once the corona plague has broken out in the world, there are no more dead than cancer.
    Any cancer patient who dies, will most likely experience difficulty breathing in his or her last days (then automatically likely to have corona, even if there is no laboratory evidence of corona) so corona should be recorded on his or her death certificate!

    Every year millions of people around the world die of cancer, but once the corona outbreak has started, if they really contracted the corona virus, or if the doctor just seems likely to have corona, even though no laboratory test confirms it, then according to the World Health Organization Death – Corona!

    Even if it is a cancer patient, during strong and difficult chemotherapy treatments, which severely damage his immune system, then if he was unlucky and died during the corona plague and had for example breathing difficulties in the last two days of his death, then according to World Health Organization guidelines, death can be assumed from corona Therefore it should be noted in this case – corona as the cause of death.

    In addition to the aforesaid, section 3A states as follows:
    Should be recorded on the death certificate Sources cause of death in any case of death where the virus caused the death, or that it can be caused death, or if it can be assumed that he only contributed to the death . “

    In other words, even if only one can assume that the virus caused death and there is no evidence that human Infected with corona, it should be written on the death certificate – corona as the cause of death. The

    end of the sentence is even more puzzling.
    Even if the person dies of terminal cancer, when his lungs are full of metastases, if it can be assumed that the virus contributed to death. Death – Corona as the cause of death.

    Later, in one of the examples they give, even if the person had AIDS [and certainly his immune system may have been completely shattered by the AIDS virus] and he died during the corona plague, and according to the sections at first, even if only the doctor seems to have had corona, without any Laboratory evidence, in this case – Corona must be registered.

    And even if he did have a corona virus verified by lab tests. Is it possible to say that he died of corona? Is it not possible that he died of AIDS or terminal cancer? Is it not possible for a person to die of cancer and what to do, a week earlier he also contracted corona?

    Moreover, towards the end of the document, section 4 presents two codes for writing on the death certificate:
    a. Code U07.1  – Corona death when the virus was detected with certainty in a laboratory test.
    B. Code U07.2  – Corona death according to a doctor’s clinical opinion, when Corona virus has not been detected, but it is likely, Or even just a suspect that maybe it’s Corona .

    Yes, yes, even if the doctor only has a suspicion that the patient died of corona, it should be recorded as the cause of death – corona.

    And now to the punch line.
    It is hard to believe that this line is written in an official document of the World Health Organization.

    The World Health Organization writes that it knows that in many countries the death certificate will not be recorded on the existence of a laboratory test for Corona and its results and in fact will not be recorded whether a laboratory test was performed at all.
    In the event of such a death, in which it is not known at all whether a test for corona has been performed, the authors of the document write, it is recommended to write in the summaries made by each country and each Ministry of Health for statistical purposes, corona death and use code U07.1 . I mean as a Corona case for sure!

    Yes, yes, even if it is not known whether the deceased did a corona laboratory test at all, in the data coordinated by the state (and published to the media and citizens and according to which the government determines the policy and severity of restrictions on the public) it is recommended to register this death as a sure death from Corona!

    The authors of the WHO document (who chose not to identify themselves for obvious reasons) later write the following unbelievable thing:
    They write that they know that these guidelines are not medically acceptable , but are of public importance, to calculate the mortality rate statistics from Corona.
    So they write, ” Stick to these guidelines, even if they are considered medically correct or not “

    Do you catch your head? Hair pulling?
    I can understand you.
    Indeed, you read that right.

    The World Health Organization is aware that it is instructing the various health ministries to write down causes of death that are medically incorrect and it further emphasizes to them the importance of adhering to these guidelines.
    The authors of the anonymous document also write that countries are not allowed to correct in their country’s statistical reports what they see as a mistake!

    Now they are writing to the state health authorities that it is recommended to manually go over the data coming from each hospital, especially in cases where a person was reported to have corona virus, but it was not recorded as the cause of death for the purpose of arranging the tables …
    that is, the authors hint to the state health authorities. , That even if the hospital report explicitly states a cause of death other than corona [say cancer], but reported that the person also contracted corona, the cause of death should be changed to corona!
    After all, we have seen before that in such a case, where a person also has a corona, the original guideline isAlways and absolutely attributed to the death of sources (even if it comes with AIDS at the end of his life, weighing 35 kg with fungus all over the body).

    What we saw here?
    This document raises the likelihood the organization WHO has an interest in increasing and inflate the mortality sources and is doing everything, Includes instructions to make a definite corona diagnosis, even in the case where the death certificate has no information on whether a laboratory test was performed at all.And
    in any case of mortality, even if the person had multiple very serious chronic diseases, but also had a corona, or even if the doctor Just suspects that he probably had corona (because he had difficulty breathing for example) without any laboratory proof, then it should be registered as the cause of death – corona.Even if it could very well have had the flu …

    strange that the document is actually the official guidelines of the World Health Organization for all countries The world, in what cases should a cause of death be recorded as a corona, both in hospitals and in the statistical reports of the country,No authors .
    Documents of this type are usually recorded by the committee that wrote it, the names of the committee members, etc.
    This document is published on the World Health Organization website without any author (s).

    Like the Tablets of the Covenant (to differentiate), the document descended from heaven, directly to the World Health Organization website.
    No one is willing to take responsibility and admit “I have compiled these outrageous guidelines. I have instructed the world’s health ministries to distort death data.”
    The absence of an author for this document is an unacceptable thing for a document of this type and in itself raises a question mark.

    We have seen that according to the surveys conducted in Israel and in other countries around the world, the actual number of patients is at least 10 times greater than the reported number.
    According to surveys in Israel, Prof. Danny Cohen – who was responsible for these survey tests, claims that it is possible that the actual number of patients is even 16 times the number of verified patients.
    So it is not at all unreasonable that there will be many cancer patients who will be infected with corona.

    If you examine people who have died of cancer, in 99% of cases you will probably find in their blood signs of one virus or another, or some bacterium that managed to multiply in the last days of their lives (or even earlier), when their body systems were collapsing and the immune system was not at its best.
    Until the outbreak of the corona, cancer had been recorded on the death certificate.
    During the corona plague, register – corona.

    What could be the interest of the World Health Organization in thus distorting the data and creating a global panic from the corona?
    I do not really know. I can only speculate.
    Bill Gates has donated about $ 10 billion to the World Health Organization and it is known that “the owner of the century is the owner of the opinion” …

    In the last decade Bill Gates has dedicated his life to promoting vaccines, including promoting the enactment of vaccination laws as mandatory to allow movement between countries (flights) and more, including subcutaneous chips that store information about a person’s vaccine history and serve as a means of identifying and obtaining such and other civil rights. A border control official at an airport will be able to read what is written on the chip using his smartphone!
    His fund was the principal backer of research on integrated chips in just such a vaccine, conducted at MIT which is one of most prestigious universities in the US.
    You can read about it on the site of MIT this link  (Bill Gates as a sponsor of the study appears in the bottom of the page).
    There is no doubt panic dot A very large Corona plague, which will make people beg to be vaccinated, will greatly help advance Bill Gates’ goals.
    One can argue whether his goals are good for humanity or wrong, but there are no doubt that these are his goals. He declares himself on countless occasions.

    Unfortunately, even in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already repeated Bill Gates’ words that it will not be possible to return to a full routine before there is a vaccine for corona.
    A sentence that may mean preparing the ground for a mandatory vaccination law and denying rights to those who refuse, or God forbid even forced injection.
    And of course all this with the subcutaneous chip that will allow any police officer / official to check whether the citizen has indeed been vaccinated or not.

    I am a very rational person.
    I have no intention of scaring or actually not promoting conspiracy theories, but just trying to figure out where the world is going.
    Unfortunately, that seems to be where the world is going.
    Although there is still no vaccine for corona , in Denmark a law has already been passed in parliament that vaccinating corona when it arrives, will be mandatory and can be given compulsorily to citizens.
    Do not believe? You can read about the law passed in Denmark at this link .
    A vaccine for corona is probably only a matter of time and if you just open your eyes, you can already know what to expect.
    Whether it is good or bad, each of you will decide for yourself.

    This is the link to the original document on the World Health Organization website.
    This document is so delusional that I fear the World Health Organization will decide to remove it from the site, to deny that such guidelines have ever been given to distort data.
    So in order to perpetuate this scandalous affair, I downloaded this document and uploaded it to my Google Drive (hoping that Bill Gates does not have access to it). 
    So if the document is no longer on the World Health Organization website and you come to a broken link, you can download the document at this link .

    On the news sites, one sees every day the daily death toll in each country.
    Now you know the truth. How exactly did they define the number of dead from Corona.

    Did Corona mortality also be reported in Israel in this way?
    I do not know.
    But our Ministry of Health often relies on the guidelines of the World Health Organization.

    Corona virus is not an invention. He’s real.
    And yes, there are people who actually died from corona and it could also be that he increased the overall mortality in the world (but not in all countries. Among other places in Israel the mortality did not increase at all).
    But the feeling that emerges from this document, is that someone very much wants to show us that the corona virus has very high mortality rates, much more than they really are.
    Someone very much wants us to be scared of the corona.

    Because fear is power.
    A power that can motivate us to agree to things we would not otherwise agree to .

    Is it to enact laws that allow countries around the world to forcibly inject vaccines that contain, among other things, substances whose safety has never been properly tested, directly into our children’s bloodstream against the will and parental consent?
    Is it to enact laws that allow governments to send police officers to citizens’ homes without any search warrant and send them to an isolation facility and possibly even to confiscate computers and documents, all on the pretext of ‘protecting the public’?
    Is it to enact laws that would severely infringe on privacy and allow any official to decide on monitoring every movement of citizens and listening to their every trial, under the pretext of ‘protecting the public’?
    Is it to create a new world order?

    I do not know.
    I do know, that something stinks here at the top of the pyramid.

    Guidelines of the world’s health authorities, such as those we have seen in this article, undermine the training of the public in those authorities that believe in its health. 
    It is a pity that the health authorities in the world have not yet internalized that free discussion, transparency and truth are the tools to create authority and credibility.

    Gil Yosef Shachar MD The

    article enlightened you?
    Is it important to you?
    Share it with those close to you!

    They will thank you.

    Credit: I was exposed to this document in a video by Danny Vidislavsky. I am in no hurry to believe everything I have been exposed to. I check and research myself. I searched for the original document on the WHO website, and indeed found and read it carefully. This article is a summary of the most outrageous and downright illogical things there is in this document.

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