Autopsies Link 73.9% of Post-Jab Deaths to the Shot

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


  • A peer-reviewed study in Forensic Science International found that 73.9% of post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths were directly caused by or significantly contributed to by the injections
  • The study, initially censored by The Lancet, analyzed 325 autopsy cases and found cardiovascular issues were the most common cause of death, followed by blood and respiratory problems
  • Researchers suggest the spike protein in COVID-19 vaccines may be responsible for side effects, potentially causing inflammation and clotting in various tissues and organs
  • Another study in South Korea found increased incidences of mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease within three months of COVID-19 vaccination, particularly with mRNA vaccines
  • The article mentions censorship of research critical of COVID-19 vaccines and suggests seeking help from organizations like FLCCC for those experiencing post-vaccination injuries

A bombshell study that The Lancet1 pulled within 24 hours is finally seeing the light of day. Now published in the peer-reviewed Forensic Science International journal, the systematic review of autopsy findings in deaths after COVID-19 shots revealed 73.9% “were directly due to or significantly contributed to” by the injections.2 Canadian oncologist and cancer researcher Dr. William Makis posted on X:3

“This is a victory of SCIENCE over CENSORSHIP!! Incredible perseverance by first author Nicolas Hulscher who didn’t give up after LANCET pulled our paper within 24 hours after 100,000s of downloads for no legitimate reason. Big pharma put the squeeze on @TheLancet but has failed to stop us.

Our paper was delayed by one year, and those actions of CENSORSHIP and CANCELLATION led to many deaths that could have been prevented. This paper could be a game changer.”

High Likelihood of ‘Causal Link’ Between COVID-19 Shots and Death

Researchers including Makis, cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough and Nicolas Hulscher, an epidemiologist with the University of Michigan School of Public Health, searched for all published autopsy and necropsy reports relating to COVID-19 shots through May 18, 2023.

Their systematic review included 44 papers with 325 autopsy cases and one necropsy case, which is an autopsy performed on an animal. The average age of the people in these reports was 70.4 years. Most often, the cardiovascular system was involved in the death, followed by hematological issues, or blood problems, and respiratory issues. In 21 of the cases, three or more organ systems were involved.

The mean time from vaccination to death was 14.3 days, but most deaths occurred within a week of the last shot. Three doctors who are experts in figuring out causes of death and studying diseases looked at each case separately.

They carefully examined all the information available for each person who died and concluded that in 73.9% of the cases, COVID-19 shots either directly caused or played a significant role in the person’s death. Among them, the primary causes of death were:4

Sudden cardiac death (35%)Pulmonary embolism (12.5%)
Myocardial infarction (12%)Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia (VITT) (7.9%)
Myocarditis (7.1%)Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (4.6%)
Cerebral hemorrhage (3.8%)

“The consistency seen among cases in this review with known COVID-19 vaccine mechanisms of injury and death, coupled with autopsy confirmation by physician adjudication, suggests there is a high likelihood of a causal link between COVID-19 vaccines and death,” the researchers concluded.5

What Was The Lancet Trying to Hide? ‘Lots and Lots of Vaccine Deaths’

In the video above from The Jimmy Dore Show, they discuss why The Lancet almost immediately pulled the concerning study.6 The journal stated, “This preprint has been removed by Preprints with The Lancet because the study’s conclusions are not supported by the study methodology. Preprints with The Lancet reserves the right to remove a paper that has been posted if we determine that it has violated our screening criteria.”7 As noted by The Daily Sceptic on July 6, 2023:8

“Without further detail from the Preprints with the Lancet staff who removed the paper it is hard to know what substance the claim that the conclusions are not supported by the methodology really has. A number of the authors of the paper are at the top of their fields so it is hard to imagine that the methodology of their review was really so poor that it warranted removal at initial screening rather than being subject to full critical appraisal.

It smacks instead of raw censorship of a paper that failed to toe the official line. Keep in mind that the CDC has not yet acknowledged a single death being caused by the COVID mRNA vaccines. Autopsy evidence demonstrating otherwise is clearly not what the U.S. public health establishment wants to hear.”

The censored paper has now been peer-reviewed, however, and its findings add further support to those who have been sounding the alarm about COVID-19 shot dangers all along. The researchers explain, “We found by independent adjudication that 73.9% of deaths were attributable to fatal COVID-19 vaccine injury syndromes,” adding:9

“These results corroborate known COVID-19 vaccine-induced syndromes and show significant, temporal associations between COVID-19 vaccination and death involving multiple organ systems, with a predominant implication of the cardiovascular and hematological systems.

Criteria of causality from an epidemiological perspective have been met including biological plausibility, temporal association, internal and external validity, coherence, analogy, and reproducibility with each successive case report of death after COVID-19 vaccination combined with population-based studies describing mortality among the vaccinated.

Our findings amplify concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccine adverse events and their mechanisms.”

To answer the question of why The Lancet pulled the paper so quickly, The Vigilant Fox said:10

“Another COVID ‘conspiracy theory’ becomes reality as a bombshell study CENSORED by The Lancet has now been peer-reviewed. What were they trying to hide, you ask? Lots and lots of vaccine deaths.”

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What Makes COVID-19 Shots So Deadly?

Most of the COVID-19 injections are linked to deaths, which suggests they share a common factor causing side effects, most likely the spike protein, the study suggests.11

Spike proteins can circulate in your body after infection or injection, causing damage to cells, tissues and organs. “Spike protein is a deadly protein,” McCullough said.12 It may cause inflammation and clotting in any tissue in which it accumulates.13 In fact, some suggest that spike protein in COVID-19 shots was designed to cause severe disease.

In a study published in the journal Science, by researchers with the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, it’s revealed that the S-2P spike protein used in several COVID-19 shots binds more strongly to the ACE2 receptors in the heart, lungs, kidneys and endothelial cells of blood vessels in the body compared to the spike protein of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus.14

“Given the average time (14.3 days) in which cases died after vaccination, a temporal association between COVID-19 vaccination and death among most cases is further supported by the finding that SARS-CoV-2 Spike mRNA vaccine sequences can circulate in the blood for at least 28 days after vaccination,” the featured study notes.15

Further, it’s been revealed that the spike protein on its own is enough to cause inflammation and damage to the vascular system, even independent of a virus.16 The spike protein is known to have deleterious effects on the heart, and COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis and heart attack are well-described in peer-reviewed studies.17 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS) has also been reported after COVID-19 shots in both adults and children.

“A possible mechanism by which MIS occurs after vaccination could be the systemic distribution of the LNPs [lipid nanoparticles] containing mRNA after vaccine administration and the consequent systemic Spike protein expression and circulation resulting in system-wide inflammation,” the researchers explain.18 Given the study findings, they suggest that anyone who receives a COVID-19 shot should be monitored for at least one year:19

“The implications of our study apply to cases of unanticipated death without antecedent illness among COVID-19 vaccine recipients. We can infer that in such cases, death may have been caused by COVID-19 vaccination.

Further urgent investigation is required to build upon our results and further elucidate the pathophysiologic mechanisms of death with the goal of risk stratification and avoidance of death for the large numbers of individuals who have taken or will receive one or more COVID-19 vaccines in the future.

Autopsies should be performed on all diseased individuals that have received one or more COVID-19 vaccines. Clinical monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine recipients is indicated for a period of at least one year after vaccination to ensure the absence of serious adverse events that may lead to death.”

Potential Link Between COVID-19 Injections and Alzheimer’s Disease

In addition to deaths related to the cardiovascular system, McCullough and colleagues found COVID-19 shot-related deaths also involved the hematological system, pulmonary embolism and the respiratory system, while adverse events related to the gastrointestinal, immunological and neurological systems have also been reported after COVID-19 shots.20

A separate study investigated the association between COVID-19 shots and the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease and mild cognitive impairment (MCI).21 The study involved 558,017 individuals in Seoul, South Korea, who were divided into two groups — those who received a COVID-19 shot and those who did not.

The findings showed an increased incidence of MCI and Alzheimer’s in those who received a COVID-19 injection, particularly in those who received mRNA shots, within three months post-injection. The mRNA vaccine group exhibited a significantly higher incidence of Alzheimer’s compared to the unvaccinated group.

The study suggests a potential link between COVID-19 shots, particularly mRNA injections, and increased incidences of Alzheimer’s disease and MCI. “This underscores the need for further research to elucidate the relationship between vaccine-induced immune responses and neurodegenerative processes, advocating for continuous monitoring and investigation into the vaccines’ long-term neurological impacts,” the researchers stated.

Rampant Censorship Downplays the Truth About COVID-19 Shot Dangers

In another example of the rampant censorship surrounding COVID-19 adverse effects, a now-retracted narrative review published in the journal Cureus called for a global moratorium on mRNA COVID-19 shots.22 The review cited significant increases in serious adverse events among those who received the injections, along with an “unacceptably high harm-to-reward ratio.”23

When factoring in absolute risk and the “number needed to vaccinate” (NNV), a metric used to quantify how many people need to be vaccinated to prevent one additional case of a specific disease, the review found “for every life saved, there were nearly 14 times more deaths caused by the modified mRNA injections.”24

As for the paper’s retraction, McCullough, one of the paper’s authors, called it a “stunning act of scientific censorship.”25 In addition to calling for a global moratorium on mRNA COVID-19 shots, the authors of the paper said the shots should be immediately removed from the childhood vaccine schedule, while boosters should also be suspended.

“It is unethical and unconscionable to administer an experimental vaccine to a child who has a near-zero risk of dying from COVID-19 but a well-established 2.2% risk of permanent heart damage based on the best prospective data available,” the paper notes.26

The moratorium is warranted based on the shots’ risks of serious adverse events, the mechanisms behind those adverse events, mortality data and issues with inefficacy, vaccine control and processing.27 As with the featured Lancet study, the Cureus study was already incredibly popular, with more than 330,000 views/reads/downloads in one month compared to the average Cureus paper, which gets only 2,700 in an entire year.28

With each unwarranted retraction, more people will begin to ask questions about why this crucial information is continuing to be censored and withheld from the public instead of openly debated and presented to the public.

Injured by a COVID-19 Shot? Here’s Help

If you’ve had a COVID-19 shot and developed any unusual symptoms, seek out help from an expert. The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has a treatment protocol for post-jab injuries. It’s called I-RECOVER and can be downloaded from

Dr. Pierre Kory, who cofounded the FLCCC, has transitioned to treating the vaccine injured more or less exclusively. For more information, visit McCullough is also investigating additional post-jab treatments, which you can find on Finally, if you’re suffering from long vax, be sure to review my strategies for boosting mitochondrial health to allow your body to heal.


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