Some Takes from the Kosher-Health expo

We had just returned (after overnight travel both ways – crazy?)from attending the https://www.kosher-healthexpo.com/ in Brooklyn this past Sunday when I received an urgent email from a friend NOT ALL ORGANIC AND HOME GROWN FOOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! After months of research, the cRc continues to find a high amount of insect infestation in organic […]

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Brochos on health bars ? But is it truly healthy?

I was recently excited to notice an article about the proper brochos for Nature Valley Granola Bars.The shaaleh sounded perfect for this website .And yes , the COR article -granolagate-exploring-the-controversial-question-what-bracha-do-we-make-on-granola-bars is definitely worth any kosher conscious consumer to explore. But then , I started eagerly to look into ‘Nature Valley” and I lost much of […]

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The Thrip Cloth Method

For the kosher consumer, the problem of bugs infestation is something of serious importance.Making lifestyle changes is a challenge we all have, but for Yidden , the prohibition of eating bugs is very serious. since organic farmers don’t use pesticides they actually have greater challenges dealing with infestation. I’m not sure, and I haven’t actually […]

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