Keeping your immunity high – 12 Tips from Doctor Jockers

I’ve been charged that I’m only representing the views of people on the fringe edge.Here is an article from Doctor Jockers on how to keep your immune system working best .Nothing ‘fringe’, all solid and extremely useful .Please share .The article goes together with the release of his new book You can find this article […]

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“Nightmare Bacteria” Widespread in U.S. Hospitals

While the Summit for Home Medicine is going now We thought it appropriate to look at this article in the Scientific American of prevalence of ‘super bugs’ in the hospitals. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detected more than 220 cases last year of a rare breed of “nightmare bacteria” that are virtually untreatable […]

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Off to the Races!

How exciting to launch kosherorganics2you.com. We didn’t believe it would happen , but here it is.We really want this to be the preferred resource , for not only Orthodox Jewry , but for others too. How appropriate then for us to announce  this new 10 part free video series … Treating Infections Without Antibiotics 72-hour […]

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