Doctor Refuses to Sign Vaccine Injury Forms of Man Disabled After First COVID-19 Vaccine

Fred Pye and his kids.


  • The Facts:
    • A day after his first COVID vaccine, a man’s heart rate rapidly increased and he started having extreme neurological issues.
    • The father of two was left disabled and unable to work.
    • His doctor refuses to sign the Vaccine Injury Support Program form or acknowledge the issues as vaccine related.
  • Reflect On:
    • How many other vaccine injuries are being ignored or unacknowledged?
    • How can we trust the numbers presented in the system?
    • What choices do people have that are left injured, unable to make money and not being believed?

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A 40-year old father of two collapsed a day after his first Moderna shot on May 26, 2021. He was rushed to the hospital with an irregular and rapid heartbeat. He also stopped breathing.

Soon after, Fred Pye started to experience neurological issues including uncontrollable tremors, extreme brain fog, and surprise seizures that have resulted in broken ribs and head injury.

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Video captured July 2, 2021 while Fred Eye waits for a brain scan.

Pye’s entire life changed in one day. The once avid hunter and fisherman, who mainly worked labour jobs, became disabled. Due to the unpredictable nature of these adverse effects, working became dangerous.

“I can’t work. I used to be a roofer contractor but my balance is totally gone. It’s like the more I try to be stealthy or something the more clumsy I am. There are vertigo and dizziness spells, where my ears go wrong and then I get spinny and squamish. And then I’ll literally throw up and it’s gross and it just comes out of nowhere,”

Fred Pye

Within weeks of the vaccine, a heart monitor had to be surgically implanted in his chest and he still experiences episodes of leg and body paralysis, sometimes lasting hours.

The injuries forced Pye to seek government support for his situation. He filled out all the necessary paperwork for Canada’s Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP), which requires a physicians signature. However Pye’s doctor would not even look at the paperwork.

VISP was created by the Canadian Government in December 2020 to give financial support to those injured or killed by “vaccines or immunoglobulins that provide protection from preventable infectious disease, administered in Canada on or after December 8, 2020.

Not able to work or get government funding, Pye had to turn to other means of support.

A friend set up a GoFundMe account to help with the financial burden. Since June the account as been shut down multiple times while the company “investigates his account.” It is unclear why the same account would require that many investigations.

When these investigations happen, Pye can’t access money donated to him for weeks at a time. He has now been accepting e-transfers directly to his email to avoid this issue.

This has left Pye in a state of financial distress while dealing with a life altering illness that impairs his cognitive ability. Meanwhile, he is fighting to have his vaccine injury acknowledged by his doctor so he can get the help he needs physically and financially.

This is a big part of why The Pulse wanted to tell his story. The fact that his injuries are going un-investigated and unacknowledged represents a much larger issue The Pulse’s team has been investigating for many months.

It may be that COVID vaccine injuries are significantly higher than governments are alluding to.

Pye says that none of his doctor’s suggested treatments for his condition have helped, and due to long healthcare backlogs, he has sill not seen a neurologist. Pye has been forced to look into different treatments and medical protocols to try and stop his extreme neurological symptoms.

Thus far, he has paid out of pocket for medications and supplements including, ivermectin. He came upon the ivermectin suggestion from the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC,) as well other vaccine injured people.

“I’ve tried pretty much every protocol and the only thing that will stop my seizures is ivermectin…So what I do with it is I microdose for two weeks and then within two, three days I start feeling better. And then my symptoms will be very manageable for a couple of weeks. But then I start noticing my muscles, shoulders or lip will start to twitch, and I know it’s starting to happen again,”

Fred Pye

Pye’s doctor will not prescribe him human grade ivermectin, so he has been forced to take the veterinary version in the correct dosages. Pye has even tried to show his physician the positive results he’s seen using ivermectin compared to when he stops using it, but his physician will not acknowledge anything.

Thousands of other people have experienced the same neurological issues as Pye after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. He is in various support groups on social media. Groups that include those in the general public injured by the vaccine and some who took part in the initial pharmaceutical trials injured by the vaccine.

Mainstream media outlets like CTV are saying that what Pye is experiencing is not directly connected to the vaccine and instead a result of the stress of the vaccination called functional neurological disorder.

“They’re saying it’s in our heads. That blew me away actually. How can so many people have the same reactions and it all be in our heads? Wouldn’t there be different reactions? But they’re all tremors, muscle spasms, brain fog, seizures, paralyzed, they’re all the same. Like that was fake [news story],”

Fred Pye

After all this, the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSH) is still urging Pye to receive his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“They’re still sending me emails. They’re trying to get me to get a second shot. Because they won’t admit I was injured. It’ll kill me. I know it. They suggested I lay down for the second shot just in case I pass out,”

Fred Pye

Video taken August 31, 2021

Pye experienced depression for months and became frustrated with the lack of answers. For his mental health he is now finding purpose in sharing his story and trying to help others. He has began speaking at rallies along the east coast of Canada and letting others know they are not alone.

He is even involved in trying to start a new political party in the hopes of creating meaningful change in his province of Nova Scotia.

Due to his injury and speaking tour, Pye’s 14 year old daughter is being looked after by family. Recently, she received the COVID-19 vaccine after mandates removed her ability to attend movie theatres with her friends. She is now experiencing adverse reactions.

“She’s breaking out in hives and shaking, and nobody informed me. They just went ahead and let her get it. I cried for two days. It was definitely a stab to my heart,”

Fred Pye

The Pulse reached out to Pye’s physician for an interview.

At first the doctor refused due to doctor, patient confidentlitly. The Pulse then asked Pye if he would be willing to allow his doctor to talk about his file. Pye agreed. So the Pulse called the doctor’s office back and asked what paperwork needed to be done to give the doctor permission to talk.

The physician still refused to give an interview or comment.

Despite the hardships Pye is facing, and the gaslighting he is experiencing from the government and medical system, he acknowledges that this adversity has also pushed him to grow into a more empathetic person.

“I’m a totally different person than what I used to be though.  I never cared about people like this before. The empathy, it’s huge for me.”

Fred Pye

To support Fred Pye please consider sending an e-transfer to

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