Doctor Jean Jacques Rajter uses ivermectin successfully against covid

We found this article about Dr Rajter ( a member of Ft Lauerdale Chabad )after reading an interview about him

Use of Ivermectin Associated with lower mortality in hospitalized patients with cov-19

To the best of our knowledge, we believe that Dr. Jean-Ja

ques Rajter​ may have been the very first doctor in the WORLD to save a patient’s life by utilizing ivermectin as part of his COVID-19 protocol.

In April 2020, Dr. Jean-Jacques Rajter, a Fort Lauderdale pulmonologist with the Broward Health system, began prescribing ivermectin and his reported patients’ outcomes led the hospital system to approve it as a COVID-19 treatment.Early that month, one of his patients in the hospital was very ill with COVID-19. She required 50 percent oxygen to breathe. The woman’s son was persistent that more could be done for his mother before she would have to go on a ventilator.Rajter’s wife, Dr. Juliana Cepelowicz-Rajter, also a pulmonologist, had read a recent study out of Australia where high doses of ivermectin killed COVID cells in the lab. The woman’s son read about the same study and asked Rajter if his mother could be treated with the drug.

But Rajter said the levels used in the study could be toxic if given to a person. The son then asked about the approved dose for humans, which is 200 micrograms per kilogram of weight.

The woman agreed to the treatment, and the results were almost immediate. Within 48 hours, she showed significant improvement. Rajter was so encouraged that he successfully treated two more critically ill patients with ivermectin that month.

And, at around $7 a pill, it’s an inexpensive protocol.

Rajter co-authored a retrospective study in June that he has submitted to scientific journals for publication that assessed 280 adult COVID-19 patients. One-hundred-seventy-three of the participants were given ivermectin and 107 were treated with standard care.

More importantly, he said, was that of the high-risk patients participating in the study, who were suffering from severe pulmonary disease, 81 percent of those not receiving ivermectin died, compared with 39 percent of those taking the drug.

The overall mortality rate of those given the drug was 15 percent, compared to 25 percent of the other sample group, Rajter said.

​Jean-Jacques Rajter, MD.

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​ICON (Ivermectin in COvid Nineteen) Study: Use of Ivermectin Is Associated with Lower Mortality in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19


Patients in the Ivermectin group received at least one oral dose of Ivermectin at 200 micrograms/kilogram in addition to usual clinical care. The decision to prescribe Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin or other medications was at the discretion of the treating physicians, however hospital guidelines were established for the use of these agents as well as for cardiac and QT monitoring for patients receiving hydroxychloroquine. Oxygen and ventilatory support were applied per the customary care.Results:
The primary outcome was a statistically significant reduction in all-cause in-hospital mortality. Patients were considered a “survivor” if they left the hospital alive, or if their status in the hospital changed from active care to awaiting transfer to a skilled facility. The latter outcome was necessitated by the requirement that two consecutive negative nasopharyngeal swab specimens for SARS- CoV-2, collected equal to or greater than 24 hours apart, were necessary for a patient to be accepted to a skilled nursing facility.Conclusion:
Overall mortality was significantly lower in the Ivermectin group than in the usual care group (15.0% vs 25.2%, for Ivermectin and usual care respectively, p=.03). Mortality was also lower for Ivermectin treated patients in the subgroup of patients with severe disease (38.8% vs. 80.7%, p=.001).Key Findings:
● Ivermectin administration was associated with statistically significant lower mortality among patients with COVID-19, particularly in patients with more severe disease.
● The Cox regression showed Ivermectin was associated with a significantly lower hazard ratio for mortality of 0.37 (CI 0.19 – 0.70, p=.003).

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