EMF Hazards Summit:

Everyone Is Becoming Electro-Sensitive!


More and more doctors are receiving visits from people who have been struggling with a new mystery illness…

They get told they are “crazy” by conventional doctors and feel rejected by the medical system… their illness is VERY real and it’s spreading!

You may already have it too if you’re experiencing:

Environmental doctors are seeing more and more people becoming hypersensitive since the 5G networks started being installed (the 5G “rollout”).

In a recent interview with safe tech advocate Nick Pineault, Dr. Neil Nathan said…

“What I’m seeing as someone who is treating EMF sensitivity is that it has skyrocketed. It used to be very rare, many years ago. And then as the world that we live in has become more toxic…  we’re seeing a dramatic increase in illnesses that are related to this toxicity.”

This is far from a few isolated cases… it’s happening all over the world!

That’s why Nick put together the virtual EMF Hazards Summit that you need to attend – and it’s FREE for a very short time.

18 of the world’s leading EMF researchers and scientists have come together to expose the truth about 5G and all forms of electro-pollution and its seriously damaging effects on the body.

You can no longer trust the government to protect you – they have ignored science and side with the industry to cover up the truth… in the name of profit.

It’s up to you to protect yourself and your family before it’s too late.


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