Fall Home Medicine Summit

Do you run to the pharmacist every time you get a sniffle? Are you sure that is the only way? What about the superbugs?

Maybe there is a better, more natural way.

Marjory Wildcraft from the Grow Network has organized the Online home medicine summit

The Summit kicks off Monday, October 15th. And it will run 24 hours a day, for 7 full days with 2 encore days.

This FREE event runs for 7 full days!

And features 37 speaker presentations.

Yes, you’re offered the opportunity to purchase the event to “watch on demand, on your schedule.”

(A great option if you can’t make it through all 37 speaker presentations this week, or your Internet connection is unpredictable.)

But no purchase is necessary.

If you want to watch the entire Fall Home Medicine Summit for free…

… Then yes, by all means, watch it for FREE!

Again, though, you must be registered to gain access to the daily presentations.

So don’t wait any longer…

Click here to register and watch for FREE!

… Because you’re already missing it!

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