Free Encore Weekend for emfhealthsummit

We were very excited and troubled last time when we caught the tail end of the emfhealthsummit .Since I personally have known a frum Yid,with a phd who was extremely sensitive , I’ve started to be alerted to this growing threat to our health and well being.

The summit is back with free replays till sunday night

I don’t expect anyone to watch all the sessions, but we do need to become knowledgeable and aware. We have a million times as much radiation today in our surroundings as our grandparents had. Do you think that doesn’t create serious havoc? This is not just from cell phones; there are myriad devices which add, but the coming 5g will just make this much worse.

                Many health professionals and scientists are very concerned. There are alternative solutions  (for example Microsoft runs their organization on fiber optics), and many top minds want to take this to governments

But in the meantime we need to learn how to deal with this growing dangerous smog  which we cannot escape personally.

Please urge your friends and families to catch this event,it really is that important

Watch the summit here

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