Health Means Event :Better Belly

3 Secret Strategies for Fixing Your Gut Issues

SUBJECT: Learn about gut-healing protocols & proper testing
SUBJECT: How to fix your gut for good
SUBJECT: Live webinar: Find & fix your stubborn gut, mood & energy issues

Dangerous environmental toxins that suppress our immune systems are often overlooked as a contributing factor to gut dysfunction.

Since we’re indoors 96% of the time, we’re constantly breathing in these toxins that rob us of our health.

When unchecked, this toxicity can allow for the opportunistic overgrowth of bacteria, candida and infections that cause gas, bloating, cramping, depression, anxiety, low energy, weight gain, other gut-related issues and chronic health conditions.

Have you tried various supplements, seen gastroenterologists, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners and still haven’t found a solution?

Without determining and addressing the root causes of your symptoms, you’ll continue to try to treat candida, SIBO, IBS and other digestive problems without long-term success.

—>>Learn how to find and fix your stubborn gut, mood and energy issues at Evan Brand’s transformative webinar!

This important event takes place on Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 2:00pm U.S. Eastern (New York time)…

The empowering information in this webinar will help you with the resources and information to build a personalized gut-healing protocol based on your symptoms and proper at-home testing.

Discover the key puzzle pieces that you need to investigate to find and fix your stubborn gut, mood and energy issues once and for all.

Evan Brand, CFMP, NTP, creator of the Better Belly Functional Medicine Training Course, first began his journey with functional medicine after for over a decade with undiagnosed digestive issues, and then discovered he had mycotoxin illness.

He’s here to reveal how to get started on the path to freedom from stubborn digestive dysfunction with your host, investigative journalist and health advocate Shivan Sarna!

Join them at this webinar, on August 4, 2022, at 2:00pm U.S. Eastern (New York time), to learn about a step-by-step gut-healing protocol to feel better, regain your energy and get back to doing the things you love without having symptoms anymore.

They’ll provide practical strategies, answers, resources and perhaps most importantly, hope.

Hear personal and client success stories as Evan and Shivan explore the #1 toxin that is preventing your gut from healing and guides you to better understand how you can find and fix the root causes of your digestive, mood and energy issues for long-term results!

—>>Transform your digestive health and boost your energy levels with Evan Brand!

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P.S. Space is limited, so reserve your seat today!

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