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Want to Optimize Your Tech-Life Balance?
Top Experts Show You How!
At the FREE Healthier Tech Summit
September 18-21, 2023

Healthier Tech Virtual Summit
SYB is proud to be a sponsor of the first ever Healthier Tech Summit.
This free, virtual event brings together a wide and unique variety of expert voices across EMF, Building Biology and Digital Wellness to help people on their journey to find a healthier balance with modern technology.

Across four information-packed days, we’re featuring doctors, scientists, authors, experts – and even politicians – to create a space where science meets inspiration.
Each Day Has A Theme:
Day 1) Healthier Tech Lifestyle®
Finding a Healthier Balance with Technology

Day 2) Cell Phones, WiFi & Health
The Impacts of Wireless EMF & What You Can Do

Day 3) The Science of Healthy Buildings
A Holistic Approach to Environmental Quality – run in conjunction with the Building Biology Institute

Day 4) The Power Grid, Health Risks & Solutions
Making the Grid Healthier & Safer
Healthier Tech Virtual Summit 2023
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