Immune Defense Summit Encore

With all the world worried so greatly about the pandemic virus, the Immune Defense Summit should be  a requirement for anyone not wanting to fool themselves

Attend now the ‘Encore Weekend

June 19th Through 21


The Immune Defense Summit encore weekend is underway — the “top-voted” talks are listed below — all talks are unlocked TODAY through Monday at 10am U.S. Eastern (New York time)! At this amazing health event, we learned that chronic diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular problems and diabetes are by far the leading cause of premature death in the world. Your best defense against today’s (and tomorrow’s) global health threats is a strong immune system

Find a few minutes to learn from the “FAN FAVORITE” talks: + Vaccines and Immunity: The Untold Story, Judy A. Mikovits + Killing Viruses Naturally, Dr. Thomas E. Levy + Science Behind Strong Immunity, Sayer Ji + Health Impact of Wireless Technology, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt + How to Naturally Boost Immunity, Dr. Eric Zielinski + Autoimmune Disease Solutions Revealed, Dr. Tom O’Bryan + And more!

Mission to help heal the world

When you join the  free Summit  by clicking on the banner you’ll receive as a gift the COVID-19 Viral Defense Protocol Gift



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