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Many of our readers had confusion when I told them Monsanto had been fined for knowingly using carcinogenic poison in Roundup. i was surprised they did not understand ..
Jurors give $289 million to a man they say got cancer from Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller
The point is that that is pennies for Monsanto and you are still
eating food (MGO engineeered to resist Roundup).
Moreover, people don’t understand that the problem is much bigger.
What about your water …
Here is an article about the poisoning of Lake Erie
The growing threat of the poisoning of Lake Erie
in general, we are inundated by enormous amounts of industrial waste ,leading to heavy metal poisoning
Industrial waste and heavy metal poisoning
The real problem being that our exposure to these poisons is children are born with many poisons in their umbilical cord!

Moreover, after generations of destructive agricultural practices and continual over processing, our food is in general,is close to worthless

That is why we just published an article about DIY food and medicine available on our site healthier, tastier, safer, with great savings too.

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This article about a water filter very affordable and effective
also caught attention

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