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SUBJECT: Learn the physical signs of unprocessed emotions [new eGuide]
SUBJECT: [New eGuide] 5 tips for processing your emotions

If your emotions are out of balance, it can wear you down and lead to physical symptoms.

Learn what you can do to process your emotions and heal your body, when you…

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Have you ever wondered why you have certain emotions throughout the day? You may think that a situation causes you to feel the way you do, but those feelings could be linked to weakened organs in your body that need help and healing.

Viewed from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, our organs have specific emotions associated with them and are designed to process our emotions. When an organ is healthy it will process the emotions associated with it.

All the organs in your body try to adapt to chronic stress and trauma, especially the heart, thyroid, adrenals and reproductive organs. As organs are adapting to emotional trauma and stress, they can become worn down and fatigued.

Physical signs of emotions can include:

  • Anger: headaches, stiff neck & shoulders
  • Sadness: breathlessness, fatigue, crying
  • Joy: insomnia, overexcitability, heart palpitations
  • Worry: weak voice, pale complexion, poor appetite
  • Pensiveness: poor appetite, epigastric discomfort, fatigue
  • Fear: insomnia, night sweats, diarrhea
  • Shock: palpitations, breathlessness, insomnia

The good news is you can start restoring your health by processing each emotion you experience.

5 tips for processing your emotions:

  • Try acupuncture
  • Utilize brain therapy
  • Find a practitioner who practices, NET, EFT or NFT
  • Incorporate mindfulness techniques
  • Exercise daily & eat an anti-inflammatory diet

Learn more about how your emotions are connected to your physical body and what you can do to get your whole body health back on track.

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