Pfizer 6 Month Data Shows COVID Shots May Cause More Illness Than They Prevent


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  • The Facts:
    • A group of 500 Canadian professors, doctors, scientists and healthcare workers have put together a detailed PDF showing that, according to them, Pfizer’s COVID inoculations do more harm than good.
    • The PDF is extremely detailed and outlines a number of factors that leads them to this conclusion, including data from Pfizer’s own 6 month report.
  • Reflect On:Why hasn’t there been an honest and transparent presentation of facts within the mainstream when it comes to COVID vaccines? This has led to people encouraging others to “just get vaccinated” without understanding the other side of the coin. Why is evidence and scholarly opinion calling these measures into question being “fact checked” and censored all the time? What’s going on?

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An alliance of more than 500 independent Canadian doctors, professors, scientists and health care practitioners have come together to form the Canadian COVID Care Alliance. Throughout this pandemic they’ve been committed to providing an evidence-based approach with regards to informing the Canadian public about all things COVID.

Their list of representatives include PhDs in Immunogenetics, Immunology, Molecular Virology, Viral Immunology, Pharmacology, Biomedical Research, Biochemistry, Bioanalytics, practicing family doctors, MDs and more.

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The alliance recently released a PDF showing that, according to them, the Pfizer 6 month data shows that their COVID inoculations “cause more illness than they prevent.” The PDF is called “The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19: More Harm Than Good”

They also released a video summarizing the PDF, which is embedded at the end of this article if you’d like to scroll down and watch.

The PDF contains all of the data and reasoning as to how these academics came to their conclusion. It’s very detailed and goes into several different important factors that are not adequately addressed within the mainstream despite the fact that they are so important.

As you know, data is interpreted differently, but it’s important in this day in age to be able to share the work of these academics openly and transparently. Fact-checkers who work with Facebook and other organizations should recognize this, even if they have academics who interpret the data differently. Science is about transparency, discussion and the freedom to share information. Censorship doesn’t help. There is existing data showing that vaccines can prevent the severity of illness and chances of death for a period of time, especially in older and more vulnerable populations.

The PDF shows that the data from Pfizer’s six month report showed that vaccinated people experienced an increase in illness and deaths compared to the placebo group. There is no benefit to a reduction in cases if it comes at the cost of increased sickness and death.

The report also showed that “3 participants in the BNT162b2 group and 2 in the original placebo group who received BNT162b2 after unblinding died.” Furthermore, Approximately 50 percent of vaccine injuries reported to VAERS in the last 30 years are all from COVID vaccines.


What’s not mentioned in the report is the fact that the FDA is refusing to release specific data from Pfizer regarding their COVID inoculations. A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, also an independent group of many doctors and scientists, allowed them to get their hands on a fraction of the documents so far.

The documents reveal that Pfizer was aware of more than 50,000 serious adverse reactions that may have been a result of their vaccine within the first 90 days of its rollout. The FDA is currently fighting the group of academics to allow until 2096 to release all the data, which is comprised of nearly half a million pages.

Why don’t independent scientists have access to this data? Why has it not been made transparent?

It was good to see the Canadian COVID Care Alliance bring up the fact that on November 2nd, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) released an article about their investigation into Ventavia, one of the research companies Pfizer hired to conduct the trials. The BMJ received dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails showing the falsification of data.

Facebook actually censored the story and their “fact-checkers” even labelled it a “false news.” The editor-in-chief of The British Medical Journal (BMJ), Fiona Godlee, and soon to be editor-in-chief Kamran Abbasi have criticized Facebook and their “fact-checkers” for labelling the BMJ investigation as false news, and referred to them as “incompetent.”

I first became aware of the Canadian COVID Care Alliance alliance through the work of members Dr. Bryam Bridle, PhD, a viral immunologist and professor at the University of Guelph as well as Dr. Steven Pelech, a professor of neurology and immunology at the University of British Columbia.

Pelech is currently petitioning the Canadian government to stop the rollout of COVID inoculations in Canada.

Below is the video summarizing the PDF put together by the Canadian COVID Care Alliance.

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