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The other day , we published a list of health tips , you won’t usually find regarding dealing with this outbreak (and more.

Here is a short and concise followup


One of the articles points to the fact that the virus will not survive more than 4 hours on a copper surface.


But what about oral supplementation of copper?

Is there any evidence that oral copper can eradicate a virus? In fact, there are studies which demonstrate this. Read them here.

There are a number of sources of dietary copper, including liver and chocolate (chocolate lovers are cheering, I am sure). We would recommend you consider a copper supplement such as copper glycinate or copper chelate, minimum 2mg per day. Up to 10mg per day has been shown to be non-toxic.


Another compound demonstrated to kill the Coronavirus is hydrogen peroxide (cited in first article). This is again good news, because the healthy human immune system produces hydrogen peroxide. However, in individuals with compromised immune systems, this can be an issue.

How can you boost your own levels of hydrogen peroxide?



  • The combination of vitamin C and garlic (garlic supplement) can elevate nitric oxide, and this in turn supports immune function. Just do not take garlic daily, as this inhibits telomeres, your life-extending structures attached to the chromosomes.


So there is good news! There are many natural products such as copper, vitamin C and garlic that provide protection from viruses. As a first line of defense, these are safe, inexpensive and effective options for almost everyone.

Thanks to Mr David Schmidt

Founder/CEO of Lifewave

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