Some Takes from the Kosher-Health expo

We had just returned (after overnight travel both ways – crazy?)from attending the in Brooklyn this past Sunday when I received an urgent email from a friend


After months of research, the cRc continues to find a high amount of insect infestation in organic broccoli slaw. We therefore are no longer recommending using organic broccoli slaw without a reliable hashgacha but continue to recommend non-organic broccoli slaw (which we are continuing to monitor as well).

(My friend knows we promote home growing )

First of all, I reminded him that once upon a time, everything was organic, much was home grown and everything needed inspection .

Does he now how to trebor, shecht, or even salt the meat? Why not? I remember a doctor featured on one of the “Summits’ we feature on this site tell us thta we should not eat anything unless we know and ‘Trust” the person who prepared it.


Does that sound familiar to an Orthodox Jew?

It should, but it is no longer true.

How many recalls does your favorite kashrus organization announce every year?

Did you know that many leading rabanan consider our dairy to be trief(besides the industry being organized cruelty to animals)?


Somehow as we have become “successful”, we have lost contact with essentials.We used to know that before you put something in your mouth, you need to stop and say a brocho. Today , between grabbing a coffee in the middle of davening and a ‘tikun’ for someone’s neshema as we speed out the door , we need to attend a ‘mindfulness ‘ class in order to come down to earth.

Then I mentioned the event I had just attended.Leah Kineret Narboni of ‘Inside out healthy living LLC and founder of the expo writes in the brochure given out at the gate that one word in particular is responsible in our religious communities for reoccurring conditions – high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease,diabetes, gall stones, liver disease, obesity , irritable bowl syndrome,Crohn’s disease, and more.

The word? -Pareve.

That means margarine , transfat, and that is a a silent killer.

What I know is ‘chomur sakanata m’esure ‘, one needs to be more strict with dangers that with issurim.

and that is why we started this site and a ‘yasher koach’ to Leah for organizing that event.The month of Iyar,in general,when the man first fell, is the time to seek health .

Good health is a prerequisite for kabbalas torah .Everyone received a refuah when they accepted the torah. A torah jew should be healthy.



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