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The Truth Over Fear Summit Relaunched after losing their “permit”

The other day , the people who had sponsored and launched the Health Freedom Summit contacted me as how the “Truth over Fear Summit” was

 “aggressively deplatformed last Friday midway through Senator Scott Jensen’s live Q&A talk.”
The new relaunched summit will go live THIS Friday, May 7th.
They asked me to sign up be an affiliate for them.”It is a SPECTACULAR line-up of speakers that we think many people will be happy to purchase premium passes for.”

Considering that the people who are launching are Catholic, I was wondering if it is for this site .But after looking at their speakers and topics ,it is obvious, that this our regular message (& Dr Zelenko ,one of their speakers, is a religious jew, also stupidly disenfranchised by his own community)

Truth Over Fear Summit Lineup


 Mainstream Medicine: Try dismissing THESE doctors as quacks

“Is SARS-Cov2 a Bioweapon?” “The Epidemic of Selective Science.” “The Greatest Hoax in Human History.” These are some of the talk titles of the upcoming Truth Over Fear Summit [AFFILIATE LINK], re-launching May 7th, after battling big tech censorship from their former software provider, kartra.

Good luck trying to dismiss this epic line-up of speakers as quacks. There used to be room in the media to discuss any and all medical procedures in an honest light. This Truth Over Fear Summit is trying to do just that. They’ve invited mainstream medical doctors like Vladimir

Zelenko and Bob Sears, and even a man who operates a business selling COVID-19 tests and therefore profits from the pandemic—so why then are these doctors risking their reputations and income to blow the whistle on all the mandates? Because the “pro-science” pseudo-religious dogma of all-vaccines-good-all-human-contact-bad has not infected every heart of the medical community. There are plenty of good doctors out there who recognize their citizenship in the human species and go to work every day to serve their communities, whom they respect and don’t wish to exploit.

 The summit launches May 7th, is live three days, and poetically commences on Mother’s Day, May 9th. It is FREE to those who register. 


Beyond COVID there will be talks on The Great Reset, Communism, Aborted fetal cell lines, Abuses in The Catholic Church, Pharma abuses in Psychiatry, and How to Fight Back Against Tyranny. See the full line-up here.

Please visit us and sign up through this link….




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