Superbugs , a Disaster is coming

Our friends at just released another program in response to the growing fears of a coming pandemic.We have been far overusing drugs and ‘vaccines’.

We are entering the Age of ‘super bugs’ .We need to learn how to cope without the use of constantly running to the ‘doc’ for the ‘instant cure.’

Did you see this …?

(taken from

Deaths related to the increasingly antibiotic-resistant bacteria Clostridium difficile have increased in more than 99% of U.S. counties, according to a recent study by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

This report comes on the heels of last year’s news that an American woman died from a superbug resistant to no fewer than 26 different antibiotics.

She was admitted to the hospital for a broken leg. But ultimately died when the infection got into the bone and the doctors were helpless and couldn’t treat it.

Just as the World Health Organization has predicted:

We’re now facing…

“The end of modern medicine as we know it.”

A time when common infections once again KILL.

Rampant abuse of antibiotics in both agriculture and our medical system has resulted in “superbugs” evolving faster than science can keep up.

So the question I have for you is…

… Are you ready for this?

If your child was badly injured…? Or your mom fell and broke her hip…? Would you know how to treat the injuries and infections at home — without the help of a doctor or antibiotics?

Could you avoid exposing them to DEADLY secondary infections? By treating them at home?

Instead of dragging them to hospitals?

Known breeding grounds for antibiotic-resistant bacteria!

I have personally devoted a LOT of time to learning skills so that I’m NOT so dependent on our so-called “modern” medical system.

I avoid hospitals — and I will only go as a last resort.

But most people don’t have these skills or resources at their disposal.

And that’s why I spent more than 5 months working hand-in-hand with Master Herbalist Doug Simons to create this very special REPORT + VIDEO:
“Treating Infections Without Antibiotics”

Click here to read + watch it now…


… No one is teaching the “old, ancestral ways” of healing any more, and we want to change that.

So please … read this report … watch the video.

And let us teach you how to be less dependent on our failing medical system — by showing you how to treat common injuries and illnesses at home.

Big hug,

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Marjory Wildcraft

Founder, The Grow Network
Author, Grow Your Own Groceries

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