The Thrip Cloth Method

For the kosher consumer, the problem of bugs infestation is something of serious importance.Making lifestyle changes is a challenge we all have, but for Yidden , the prohibition of eating bugs is very serious. since organic farmers don’t use pesticides they actually have greater challenges dealing with infestation.

I’m not sure, and I haven’t actually investigated the issue, but I believe that the problem really exists because being the world is suffering from poor , weak crops due to poor farming practices, this has caused a huge infestation issue which simply overflows to other , more resilient plants, because I believe (and my own experience) that healthy plants don’t attract bugs  as much.

In any case, I recently saw  an article from the Star k which addresses this issue. They discuss different ways to clean and check. One of the methods they discuss is the Thrip Cloth method. they still don’t encourage usage of organic for this reason , but do  list plants which are safe and others aren’t ,and mention that some still need great precaution, but if the plant passes the thrip cloth method, then it is reliable and good (kosher)


is an article of theirs and video

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