UBC Immunologist Petitions Canadian Government To Stop COVID-19 Vaccination

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  • The Facts:
    • Dr. Steven Pelech, a professor of Immunology and Neurology at the University of British Columbia has started a petition calling upon the Canadian government to halt the rollout of COVID vaccines.
    • The petition cites a number of safety concerns and expresses that these vaccines should not be administered until proper clinical trials have been completed.
  • Reflect On:
    • Why are academics who share information and evidence that opposes the mainstream narrative never given any attention?
    • Are the measures being implemented really for the protection of everybody, or could something else be going on here?
    • Has science become about politics and other ulterior motives?

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Dr. Steven Pelech has been a professor of immunology and neurology at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada for 33 years. He is one of the founding members of the Biomedical Research Center at UBC and is also one of the founding members of the Canadian Covid Care Alliance for which he is the Chair of the Scientific and Medical Advisory Committee.

On the seventh of December he started a petition calling upon the Government of Canada to suspend the use of COVID vaccines in pregnant women, children, youth, and adults of child-bearing age until the ongoing short and long term safety trials are fully completed and published in peer-reviewed journals.

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The petition will be closed for signature on January 6th.

The reasons cited on the petition are as follows:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine is now authorized for use in Canadians 5 years or older, and Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine for those 12 years and older;
  • These mRNA vaccines enable presentation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein on the surface of healthy body cells to evoke inflammatory and thrombotic responses that lead to cellular damage and destruction;
  • The injected vaccine nanoparticles spread throughout the body, with accumulation in endocrine and reproductive organs, raising concerns of possible infertility, autoimmune and other health issues;
  • Safety studies for these mRNA vaccines in children are too brief and underpowered in terms of number of participants to rule out risks greater than 1 in 1000 for short- and long-term adverse reactions;
  • The American Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System has documented over 800,000 reports of adverse reactions and 8000 deaths linked to COVID-19 vaccines, and this registry is considered to document only about 2% of actual injuries;
  • The degree of natural immunity in children and youth is unknown, but it is robust, complete, and long-lasting, and vaccinating COVID-19 recovered individuals increases their risk of vaccine-induced injury; and
  • Children and adolescents are at extremely low risk of COVID-19 morbidity and mortality and for transmission of SARS-CoV-2. Compared to COVID-19, their risk of vaccine-induced injury is at least a magnitude higher, including a 1 in 5000 risk of myocarditis.

The concerns regarding COVID vaccines that have been raised by countless doctors and scientists around the world have been completely ignored. Peer-reviewed science questioning their safety and efficacy has been unacknowledged, and instead of having a proper discussion about these concerns they’re often ridiculed.

Just last week newly released emails showed Dr. Anthony Fauci and his boss at the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) wanted to conduct a “quick and devastating” take-down of renowned scientists and infectious disease experts who proposed a lockdown-free COVID control strategy. Ridicule was one of the strategies, using health regulatory agencies and mainstream media which are at the disposal of these powerful people.

The British Medical Journal recently criticized Facebook “fact-checkers” for their “incompetent” work and censoring of legit information pertaining to COVID vaccine clinical trials.

Renowned viral immunologists, epidemiologists, editors of prestigious medical journals and more have, during this pandemic, been labelled as “anti vaccine conspiracy theorists.”

We must ask ourselves, why?

Just looking at the reported adverse reactions from around the world is more than enough to raise cause for concern. A huge spike in vaccine adverse effects that’s never been seen before has gone completely unacknowledged within the mainstream.

The graph below represents the first 10 months of reported COVID vaccine injuries in the United States, it comes from the work of Maryanne Demasi, PhD.

These numbers come from the US Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).  As of today, more than 20,000 deaths have been reported along with more than 100,000 hospitalizations and more than 30,000 permanent disabilities.

Over the years, VAERS has been quite useful. For example, consider that on July 16, 1999, the CDC recommended that healthcare providers suspend the use of the licensed, RotaShield – a rotavirus vaccine – after only 15 cases of intussusception were reported to VAERS. But today, the vaccine reporting system has been deemed in the mainstream as almost completely unreliable.

By October 15th, 2021, adverse events reported worldwide passed 2,344,240 for COVID vaccines alone in the World Health Organization (WHO) reporting system VigiAccess.

Keep in mind, as mentioned by Pelech in the petition above, most adverse reactions are underreported. A study published on October 7, 2021 in the Journal Toxicology Reports estimates that underreporting of deaths as a result of the COVID vaccines may have resulted in a number 1000 times less than what the actual number is.

They also cite a widely distributed Harvard Pilgrim study published in 2010 which reported that less than 1 percent of vaccine injuries are probably reported. This includes serious adverse reactions.

A group of over 80 public health officers and medical researchers called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT) filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, Fort Worth, Texas in September 2021. They did so because the FDA has not made all Pfizer COVID vaccine data available to the public, and is refusing to release it all until 2096.

So far PHMPT has been able to get a fraction of the documents, and they revealed serious cause for concern with regards to adverse reactions within the first 90 days of the vaccine rollout. You can read more about that here.

Professor Tom Jefferson, MD from the University of Oxford and a member PHMPT explains,

Censorship and lack of transparency have always been the enemies of progress. In the case of Covid-19 vaccines, the importance of transparency in heightened by the mass administration to healthy populations and their unknown long-term effects

There are also concerns about the vaccines inability to stop the transmission of the virus. We’ve seen this throughout the pandemic with highly vaccinated countries and regions around the world experiencing exponential COVID outbreaks. One may be providing themselves with protection against severe COVID and possible death, but with so many unknowns, mandating this vaccine is highly questionable in the minds of many.

With so many people around the world who oppose the measures being taken by governments, what can we do? Governments are supposed to represent the will of the people, but this doesn’t seem to be the case during this pandemic. Why have we given them so much power to basically do anything they please? Why has the science of natural immunity been completely ignored?

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