Upcoming EMF Hazards Summit

EMF RealHards

Could you be “electro-sensitive”, and experience a sort of “allergic reaction” to phones, Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth gadgets or even cell phone towers?

If you think this sounds crazy… think again.

Years ago, two researchers hypothesized that by 2017, half of the entire population would be “electro-sensitive”. (1) Now that the new 5G cellular networks and tens of thousands of satellites are being rolled out… more and more people are feeling this constant “zapping”. ⚡

Citizen journalist Nick Pineault, AKA “The EMF Guy”, just published a brand new report on what he calls “the hidden epidemic of electro-sensitivity”.

If you suspect that these increasing EMF exposures might be contributing to your everyday symptoms (including fatigue, insomnia, tingling in the hands, tinnitus, and brain fog), I highly suggest downloading it at the link below:


Inside, you’ll learn:

Do you live too close to a 3G, 4G or 5G cellular tower?
Top 10 symptoms you might experience when overexposed to cell phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth gadgets or other sources of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation
6 easy tips to start lowering your EMF exposure and move towards recovery
Where to find doctors who actually understand EMFs and won’t call you “crazy”

If you download this report, you’ll also get a free ticket to the 3rd edition of Nick’s EMF Hazards Summit, and will get access to 20 brand new expert talks on electro-sensitivity from April 11-14.

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