Why discuss the messy , corrupt connection between China, Iran, Italy , WHO , & G5 ?

Who cares ? The disease must be contained?

Who says? WHO ? A bunch of gangsters?

I’m a prisoner in my home. if I say anything questioning the Establishment , I can be locked up?

We’ve traced earlier in these pages how inept was the procedure to ‘identify’ a  pathogen was done.How extremely inaccurate , close to worthless is the test, with many false positives.Even Italy admits that 99% of covid-19 deaths, were people dying of multiple deathly sicknesses It only test for some  RNA, not DNA.The new sciences on the biome which we have been reporting on look at even a virus as potentially a symbiosis , not a pathogen. That depends on us.

And if thousands of scientists , especially emf scientists, have been fighting  tooth and nail against deployment of G5, maybe we are missing the boat completely at what to focus on.

This ‘social distancing’ is worse for us than anyone else. Our whole being is Community.It is really is true  for any human.

The gadol hatorah, R’ Chaim,, has not bowed .

So, yes ; I have to have questions.

Keep washing your hands (& run the risk of drying them out and getting them chapped and open to infection)

There are better ways to protect yourself and all those about you.

And we are doing our best to keep posting.

*Social distancing really does help, and we have seen tragedies too many in our communities .Apparently R’ Chaim feels that closing the Yeshivos is worse for our people than the virus.One thing which bothers me though,is we have just published a long list of practical safety which no one else has done.Why?

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